Slowly the jarring voices die down,

Colours of the twilight fade away,

There comes a soothing serene calm,

Calming my senses, taking away pain.

Music of nocturnal beings I hear,

Chirping of crickets or owls hoot,

Sometimes a group of foxes are heard,

Complaining to lovely careless moon.

When tiring  hectic day is over,

My aching  frame I lay on the floor,

And watch the stars that hole the sky,

Wonder how our destiny do they control!

Now I wait for sweet sleep to ascend 

 Wiping off gruesome day’s fatigue ,

Wafting me to an angelic land of dreams,

Where laughter and glee are in a league.


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Written by Sarita Khullar

Sarita Khullar is a retired associate professor in English from Hans Raj Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jalandhar. She loves poetry and fiction. She also likes birds, flowers, animals, and humans.


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