Notebook of Love

In the Notebook of my heart , 

I have written the story of my life, 

The day you met me, 

The day we chatted for hours, 

Our first kiss, our first hug, 

You came into my life, 

And everything felt so beautiful, 

Like never before, 

Even in my dreams I see you, 

With every passing day, 

My love for you increased, 

The Notebook was a witness, 

Of how much I felt for you, 

You taught me the real meaning of love, 

Love is an unconditional emotion, 

Which just works on love equations. 


What do you think?


Written by Mayank Saxena

Mayank Saxena is a geologist by profession, an explorer by nature and a poet by passion. In his free time he loves penning down his feelings and emotions on paper. His other hobbies are traveling and photography. He has co-authored few other anthologies such as - "Amaranthine", " Raindrops" , "Autumn Diary", and newly launched hindi anthology " Khayalo ki Pathshala". He writes poems proficiently in both Hindi and English. He has displayed his expertise on various writing platforms on social media.

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