Night! these tranquil nights,

why it curses her heart

with a burdensome smile,

the golden crescent gleams

at the distance,

in the velvety night sky

countless fireballs flicker

illuming every facet of the

pale gloomy night,

the whispering breeze sings 

a forgotten lullaby,

the calm ocean crawls up

the sands murmuring the

ballad of the brine,

the eroded pebbles clank

clatter, the rusty melody

of the sketchy love story;


the moonbeams stream

from behind the cloudy veil,

myriad diamonds glisten

on the crests 

of the surging waves,

a lonesome spirit strolls

on the cobbled path of yore,

wearied heart, drowsy eyes

tired steps, numb cries,

gazing at the mystical night

she dreams of her bygone time 

words that were left unspoken—

emotions that were left unrevealed—

letters that were left undelivered—

at the doorstep of her beloved,

such nights, such tranquil nights 

often curses 

her heart with a burdensome smile!💚

Pic Courtesy: Pixabay


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
For Life is a Gift💚

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