Nature’s Lesson

Dear Humans,

I’ve been a mute spectator all this while,

But you all have turned out to be treacherously vile.

I provided you with bountiful resources,

But you stripped me bare using your indiscriminate forces.

You chopped down trees recklessly,

And polluted the atmosphere dangerously.

You heated me up to an uncomfortable level,

The accompanying problems were quite several.

Spreading concrete jungles everywhere,

You ruined my ecosystem beyond repair.

The so called versatile and handsome plastics,

Were dumped in landfills and oceans, despite the risks.



I decided to teach you all a lesson,

Like caged animals I had you imprisoned.

An invisible virus became my deadly weapon,

Imparting a message became my foremost mission.

In future, don’t unleash the evil in me,

It was something I was never meant to be.

It’s time you all mend your existing ways,

And act responsibly in the forthcoming days.


Picture Credit : Anna Shvets ( Pexels)


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