My little heart beats for you,

Your peace flows through me; my every vein

Your whole existence is ecstatic,
The smell of You;

The scent that emanates scintillates

And hypnotizes me, makes everything romantic!

Flowers solace my heart

I don’t touch them, as their soul blossoming

But the sight tranquilizes my yearning soul

Oh, the sight brings hues of euphoria to my world the whole!

The taste of your droplets of love on my vehement lips

Brings iridescent feelings within.

The sight of greens and blues,

the sounds of silence and laughter,

And the feeling of being fully alive,

Are incredible, intoxicating, exhilarating!

Ah, the sense of melding together!

Every day in some small or the other way

Memories of you, O MOTHER NATURE, come my way.

It’s been months since we have met
But I know,
We shall meet one day.

Until then,
I’m adapting the nature of patience


Pooja Mandla

Image Credit:Pixabay

*I had written this poem during the strict lockdown rules.


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Written by Pooja Mandla

 Pooja is an educator by profession but a word weaver by passion. She has a BSc in Medical, an M.Phil. in English literature and, a B.Ed. degree from Punjab(Chandigarh) University.

She loves to read, write, draw and travel. She finds inspiration from nature and the surrounding people. She is passionate about writing poems and is a regular contributor to several online platforms, where she has won many prizes. 

Her poems have been published in  11 anthologies so far by the various Publishing house and, a few are in process.  Two of her poems have recently been selected for two different anthologies by an International press called Sweetycatpress. Her poems have also been published in International magazines like Literoma and Innsaei Journals.

She has recently been awarded with the award of appreciation for the ANNUAL WORDSMITH AWARD 2021 by ASIAN LITERARY SOCIETY.