Nature, The Ultimate Lover

Beautiful sun sets

Painting the whole sky in his color,

Displaying affection and care,

Nature is for sure a lover,

The way it sculptures each and every

Landform with love and care

That makes it aesthetic and beautiful.

The way it has imparted beauty

To the Earth creating different landscapes

From the beautiful sea that calms you

To the Awesome Mountains that make you fearless

To the Beautiful glaciers

That gives you the coolness

To free flowing rivers that

Taught you to be flowing in any situations

Someone says If nature was a lover,

I say that Nature is a Lover

And it’s love story reflects in

Earth and sky.


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Written by Mayank Saxena

Mayank Saxena is a geologist by profession, an explorer by nature and a poet by passion. In his free time he loves penning down his feelings and emotions on paper. His other hobbies are traveling and photography. He has co-authored few other anthologies such as - "Amaranthine", " Raindrops" , "Autumn Diary", and newly launched hindi anthology " Khayalo ki Pathshala". He writes poems proficiently in both Hindi and English. He has displayed his expertise on various writing platforms on social media.

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