Nature, my lover

#NaPoWriMo2021 #ArtoonsInnPoe

If nature was my lover

I would be the luckiest guy

Being in her arms till eternity

I would feel all-time high

I would be very possessive

Of this precious gift

As many in the outside world

would attempt a lift

I need to protect her

Against those who inflict pains

Not ashamed to kill her

Just for personal gains

I need to teach her

The importance of being strict

Her innocent nature of giving

Is depriving her power to restrict

But when I stand in front of her

I realize I’m nothing

Her magnitude is large enough

To absorb everything

She is a mother in every sense

Taking care of every aspect

When the wrongdoing exceeds the limits

She slaps tightly to regain her respect

The mountains, the valleys, the jungle

The beaches, the deserts are a part of her system

While travelling to any of these places,

She ensures she is along, to complete my eco-system


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