Naturally it's Nature…

In love with Nature

Nature is the mountain

Standing tall

With the twilight

Making its peak glow


Nature is the stream of river

that flows through the valleys

Quenching the thirst

Of the deep earth under


Nature is the ocean

Deep secrets hidden

Pearls that form here

Are reasons for its beauty


Nature is the darkest forest

Where life resides

Without fear

A home to a tribe that believes in it


Nature is the moonlight

With stars that blanket it

Form a story in constellation

And make us believe in it


If Nature was a lover

Love would be defined differently

But Nature is Motherly Love

By Nature would never cause pain

Because by Nature it is selfless love


Nature wonders about mankind

As a part of it

Which is the only part keeps

Drawing lines in its space

and changing  the entire Nature of it.

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April 6th 2021


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Written by Fatema

When life took a pause, Writing gave me a voice.

I am simply twisted .

Dentist by profession .

Writer by passion.

Mrs Kantawala at my Mansion.

Mother to awesome children  who are a big reason behind my writing.

I pen down my random thoughts as blogs, poems and quotes.

I am very glad to be a part of this amazing  writing platform.

Thank you😊


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