A prompt will be announced each day in the morning (IST) at ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour Facebook group | https://www.facebook.com/groups/poetryparlour. Join the group if you haven’t already.

1. Use the prompts given to inspire you into writing a poem for the day. Note that the prompts are given only for inspirational purposes and that you are in no way obliged to stick to the prompts. You may write and share your poems on any theme/topic you choose. Just make sure that it is a poem freshly written on that specific day. Remember that the challenge is to make yourself write One poem a day for 30 days and not share your previously written poems online or offline.

If you are writing elsewhere using our prompts, use the hashtags #ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour #NaPoWriMo2021 and tag ArtoonsInn.

2. You may write your poems anywhere you choose, be it your timeline, your personal social media pages, blogs, websites, etc. However, to be eligible for the rewards by ArtoonsInn, you are to post your poems exclusively at Poetryparlour.com before sharing them elsewhere.

Use the category NaPoWriMo21 while publishing your poem.
Use only copyright-free high-quality images as your featured images for your poems.

3. At the end of the event you will receive an e-certificate in recognition of your persistence in seeing through the challenge regularly. If you are new to NaPoWriMo with ArtoonsInn, do register yourself at Poetryparlour.com.

4. You are encouraged to share your poems on your social media handles. 

5. You are encouraged to read the poems, encourage and cheer your friends and fellow participants. Rise up by lifting others.

Based on your active participation and quality in poetry, you may be eligible to be invited to be part of ArtoonsInn Poets Club.


Gain Poetry Parlour Points on the website

-Once your poem is approved on the website, you get 25 PP points.
-When you read a fellow participant’s poem, for every poem you get 3 PP points. If you are the poet, for every person viewing your poem, you get 1 PP point.
-When you share a comment on a fellow participant’s poem, for every poem you get 2 PP points

The more points you have on the website, the more visibility and reach you get. You also get Poetry Parlour Ranks, Badges, etc.

6. For inquiries, feedback, suggestions, poetry prompt ideas, sponsorships, and/or any requests, do write to [email protected]

Come live a month of verses. 💚


******  REWARDS  ******


-5 poets to get a Free website each worth Rs. 17, 000 from ArtoonsInn Geeks Room at absolutely zero charges to publish all their poems and other writings.

-Chance to sign a publishing deal with The Archaic House. TnC apply.

-Get an e-certificate of participation from ArtoonsInn.

-Chance to be part of the newly establishing ArtoonsInn Poets Club.

-Daily features, PP points at www.poetryparlour.com, PP Badges, Ranks, and many more.


1. What is NaPoWriMo?
NaPoWriMo stands for National Poetry Writing Month which happens to be April.

2. What happens during NaPoWriMo?
The month is celebrated with poetry as poets around the world write more and more poetry during this particular month.

3. What is the NaPoWriMo “challenge”?
It is a challenge taken upon oneself to write one poem a day all throughout the month.

4. Can I write a poem whenever I want?
Of course, you can write a poem whenever you want. However, if you are taking part in the NaPoWriMo “challenge”, then you are supposed to challenge yourself in writing at least ONE poem PER day.

5. Can I share my previously written poems during the month?
Again, the challenge is to write a fresh piece each day. So, no. It’s like cheating yourself by sharing a previously written poem.

6. What is NaPoWriMo with ArtoonsInn?
At ArtoonsInn, we help you keep up with the challenge so that you have 30 poems with you at the end of the month. What more? We even reward you for your achievement with various rewards.

7. Why are poetry prompts given? Should I strictly abide by the prompt?
Prompts are given just to inspire you to write each day. You can just ignore them and write your own.

8. Is there any restriction on word count/line count/poetry style?
Absolutely not. This is about challenging yourself to write a poem. You have no one to satisfy or abide by other than yourself.

9. How to distinguish my poem as an entry for NaPoWriMo?
Make sure you check on “NaPoWriMo21” in the category checkboxes while posting your poems on the website.

10. Why is my poem not approved yet on the website?

Patience. The watchers are trying very hard to keep up with you.

11. Can I share the poems elsewhere after I post them on Poetryparlour.com?

Yes. You can and we, in fact, encourage you to share your poems on your social media handles. You may also comment the link to your poem on the prompt announcement post of that particular day.

12. Should I/Can I write more than one poem a day?

The challenge is to write at least one poem. If you do find the inspiration and the words, by all means, who is stopping you? Poetry Parlour website, however, allows only one poem per day.

13. Can I also participate in other NaPoWriMo challenges hosted outside ArtoonsInn?

To make it clear, NaPoWriMo is a worldwide concept. At ArtoonsInn we are only doing it as a drive to inspire you to take part in it. If you do find the time, the inspiration, the words, and the satisfaction to take part in multiple challenges across platforms, by all means, do so.

14. Can I use copyrighted images for my poems?

Kindly avoid using copyrighted images for your poems. Refer unsplash.com or pixabay.com for free images.

15. What is Geeks Room and do I really need a website of my own?

If you are serious about becoming a published writer/poet, it is important that you have your own website. You must read this article to know more: https://geeks.artoonsinn.com/why-a-website-for-writers/