My Poetry is You!

will the sky ever shine

if the sun forgets to rise?

will the moon ever glitter

if the sun forgets to shower?

 like the golden orb breathes 

life into the sky and the moon

my tiny pumping piece of meat

breathes you, 

my grey cell is composed of you

cause you’re my song, my poetry, is you!

you’re the blood that gushes

through my pen’s capillaries,

you’re the sacred oxygen 

that my tiny pores inhale.

you’re the dark serene night

that encourages my dreams, desires

to glitter like fireflies,

you’re the morning dew

that soothes me, 

making me feel anew. 

you’re the first rain

that thunders, rumbles, 

satiates my thirst

and vanishes all my pains,

you’re the rainbow in my  grey sky, 

you’re the golden lining

in the clouds that add glint in my life.

words fall short and emotions, boundless

but this crazy heart discerns no rules,  no codes

it beats for you, it beats with you

for you’re my word and my poetry is you!

i know the letters inside the beating berry

will never find its way, will never reach you

yet i ink down my every thought, my every feeling

because you’re my song, my poetry is you!πŸ’š


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
For Life is a GiftπŸ’š

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