My peace !

A clear blue sky showed ahead on my path..

I kept walking towards it expecting some warmth..

The nearer I came the sky moved apart..

And there I was sitting calm and without any wrath.


What was that vision that soaked me in light?

It was a blissful me cheerful and bright..

With no lines of worries and a skin so tight ..

That looking at me was the most wonderful sight..!


I loved the face and everything that it showed..

The charm and peace I will never leave I vowed..

Love seemed to be ceasless as it flowed,

And I was trying to get there when I saw a sign that said “Closed”!


Oh ! Will that be the end of a long dream?

Will this peace never become my face cream?

So much near and clear it did seem..

But now everything went up in steam..!


I stood there staring blankly ahead

Into the open sky that now looked dead..

The situation slowly getting into my head

I turned back and sped.


Was the vision as real as the world?!

My head was already in a swirl!

A confusion on me was hurled,

For days together it didn’t unfurl.


Suddenly one day on me it dawned,

When I was silently sitting on the lawn,

I finally knew where my peace was born, 

And amidst the clutter in my heart I saw it turned on …


What do you think?


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Written by Radhika

The Fluffy Kingdom

Guiding muse