My Mystical Muse

They say you’re not a star

just a silver bullet that

lights the dark

You stay afar but 

I always feel you 

in my heart,

My glowing friend!

my solitary partner!

I know you feel lonely 

tired of wandering in this

Gigantic Galaxy,

encouraging the lost, 

exhausted travellers with 

your ray of hope;

But don’t be disheartened, 

I love you, and always with you.


your strength runs in my veins,

your tired spirit shines within me 

your soft touch illuminates my gloomy soul

lits up my life’s dull roads,

the shimmering silver streak

with every waning and waxing 

teach me the rules to

win the battle of life,

I wonder sometimes, they see 

your eclipse but 

the poor folks 

never saw your tears,

they bask in your gleam 

but never cared for your dreams.


You watch me but I, 

admire you.

they say you’re lifeless,

Can’t they hear you breathe? 

Don’t they witness your 

mood swings every month?

Can’t they see your changing contours?

I do. shhh! But I won’t tell them.

Your buried rage 

in the Blood Moon,

Your undying passion 

in the Blue Moon,

Your transformation 

in the Black Moon. 

Like a guiding star…

you teach me to sparkle

when life turns dark,

you teach me to cherish self

even if the world ignores,

you teach me to love others

even when they don’t.πŸ’š

Pic courtesy: shared from another group named Calcutta Unlimited. The capture shows one of the highways in Norway.


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Written by Sonali Ray

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