My Lost Muse


My Muse was lost

Somewhere in the hustling life,

Looking for it I went around…

In gardens with salubrious tree

But it wasn’t there to be found.

I looked for it in the shadows of the vales

And came across many delightful tales.

In the gurgle of a brook,

In the recipes of a cook,

In the lofty clouds,

In the fields, where tireless farmer plowed,

In lovers lilting songs,

But that place was also wrong!

‘My Muse… my Muse where are you?’ I cried

It is still there? Or has it died?

I pondered.

As looking for it I wandered.

Filled with grief and sorrow, 

I wondered if from someone Muse I could borrow.

For mine was lost like Alice in wonderland,

Slipping from my hands like sand.

With a broken heart, I sat contemplating,

Lo and behold, 

Within my heart, my Muse was waiting!







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Written by Shirstee Singh

One part of the cosmos!

PP Pioneer