My Journey On A Tight Rope

The roads I chose, led me onto a tightrope,

Miles thereon, did I travel, with certain hopes,

Knotty it was, at several points,

Threatening to break, at enfeebled joints


Aye, lauding myself, for my nonchalant spunk,

I kept persevering, revelling in blind triumphs,

My sprit indomitable, my legs unstopping,

I set out to break, an unaccomplished bourn


Nothing’s impossible under the sun, I’d perceived,

For only fools give up fast, the wise never quit,

And often priding on my tenacious nerve,

I’d savour the adrenaline rush of this quest


I traversed on and on, over a lonesome path,

Unchaperoned, unattended, a solitary lass,

Only to espy, at some zenith, in shock,

It’s a forever, queer voyage, on a rope that perpetually rocks


Time slipped, with nothing I had gained,

The journey, nevertheless, resulted in mere pain,

It was here, at this juncture, I settled on a stopgap,

I climbed off the rope and embarked on the beaten track


Pic credit : Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash


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Written by Affinity And Moods

Affinity And Moods is really the pen name of a Chartered Accountant and a finance professional who has ever harboured an intense love for poetry and literary works.

Besides verses, the writer loves concocting short stories and fictions while addressing soul stirring truths.

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