My First Teacher

a loud wail and I stepped into the world

unknown faces, mysterious words

scared was I, frightened with all the glare

clutching the tail of your drape

I roamed in my little palace  

trying to introduce myself to my toys,

with each passing day you taught me 

how to be me, 

you taught me to live free,

my first teacher, my mother

my tiny fingers didn’t know how to write

you taught the first letters, taught me what’s wrong, what’s right;

your arms had always been my swing

after every mischief i’d hide behind you

you’d protect me from her whacks

safeguard me from my sister’s jokes

you ignored all my pranks and believed in my hidden strength

even enjoyed me hairdressing you, the countless ponytails that adorned your head 

you never complained but, just smiled

you are my Hero, my Soldier, My Father,

with your blessings, I embarked on the journey of life

with every step earned a bucketful of experience

some taught me to be determined

some gifted me perseverance,

met new teachers had new friends,

But you’ll always be my guide, first Teacher, my parents!


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Written by Sonali Ray

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