My Colour Box

As I opened my colour box 

Quiet mysterious air swept in 

Ah ! Each cake had its own voice 

The lighter ones dominated 

Unlike the world as its said

And the darker ones 

Seemed as if were daughters 

Only to be kept in control 

As no mistakes could be overlooked 

And to remain within boundaries 

Or live beyond dreams

Eyes widened if stepped out

Could mingle with the lighter ones 

Only with permission to live forever 

And not to return home 

Suddenly the view was replaced 

A beautiful miniature life crept in

She screamed 

“Wow! Can I paint my imagination “

“Can I make the canvas mine”

“Of course you can “

For the smiles of nature knows no bounds 

The society however influences the soul 

It’s upto us whether we set parameters 

Or let the wings flow.

Ketki Jalan 


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  1. Thank you so much Nikita sawnhey,Indrani chaudhary ,Jaya pillai maam,Sonali ray,Pooja mandla,Sai maam,Radhika
    I am glad all of you liked the poem.I am learning so much from you and happy to be a part of Poetry Parlour.

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