My becoming!

I always wished my younger self

To know that I’m empowered

That Being a girl is a blessing, an asset

That being happy is nobody’s prerogative but mine

And I must shine in my grit and convictions

I must reflect life’s fervor and beauty

And rule the unruly way

That I mustn’t comply to the dogmas

And chart unchartered territories as I grow up

Carving my niche in this chauvinist world.

I always wished my younger self

To be wild, unladylike and still blossom as a girl

To stay unaffected by preconceptions and validations

I wished I would have taken these baby steps

Known these affirmations, to brace myself

With my guileless budding sensibilities

And not have followed the rigmarole to be ordinary

When I could have been exemplary

I could have been not the woman that I am

But a woman I always wanted to be!

I wish I would have followed these baby steps to change my becoming!


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Written by Daisy Bala

I’m a blogger, author and poet who loves nature and derives her musings from the ethereal natural beauty around her. I write in English and Hindi both the languages!

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