Moving On..

I saw him today

Bare chest

Scratching his semi bald head


Yet I could see

His shiny bright face

From amidst the layers of beard

Talking to nothingness


I’m sure

It was him

The very guy

Whose one look

Was enough

To make girls

Fall head over heels

The very guy

Who I fell

In love with

Mad, insane love

The very guy

Who called me crazy

Who left me just after

All the promises he’d made

Yes it was him

He headed towards me

All he wanted

Was to seek an apology

Karma had played

It’s role very well

The girl he left me for

Had broken his heart

He was out of her spell

Yes it was him

And after all these years

The 20 years of darkness

These years of one sided love

All I could say was

“I forgive you”

And move on..

~ Β© Dhara

#TheNightWriter ✍


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Written by Dhara

I'm a Chartered Accountancy student and work as a Portfolio Investment Manager. Besides numbers, I also like playing with words and often find myself returning to the soulfulness of my guitar tunes and the magical world of words! 🎸✍️❀

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