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Monsoon Diaries

Waking up to the alarm of pitter-patter

And the aroma of petrichor.

I wondered if the monsoon had

A calendar of some sort.


Oh! How could the rain know,

When the school would reopen?

As it starts on the day

In June, when the schools opened.


Forget the day and date,

The rains seem to know,

The time we would start to school

And start back home too.


Wading through the puddles,

Guarding the new bag and uniform,

It was indeed an uphill task,

To travel during downpour.


The pride of having the

Trendiest umbrella of the lot

And showing it off to friends,

Oh!! What a feel it was!!!


Days flew by and

The times have changed,

But the love for monsoon

Will never ever fade.


Pic courtesy : reza shayestehpour on Unsplash

Kirti V


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Written by Kirti V

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