Bouncy, frothy, my waves on beach,

Soak the sand, so far I reach.

You think my truant waves, violate, disobey?

A lie you believe, a mistake, I say,

I spill on land, to share a part of me,

Bringing forth for you, pearls of wisdom, free.

Turbulent I rise, my waters swell up high,

Engulfing, I swallow all that, in my way lies,

You think, I surge, with anger I crash?

A lie you construe, believe it a mishap,

I bloat up high, my boundaries I cross,

Inundate with silt, I cover your loss.

Evaporate, vanish I dissolve in air,

You see me dehydrate, escape nowhere,

You think, I disappear, to deny you rights?

A lie you manifest, as I go out of sight.

I vaporise, dissolve myself in thin air,

To drench you soon, by gift of rain so fair.

I close my eyes, when problems arise,

You see me cut off, as trouble surmise,

You think I surrender, withdraw in fear?

A lie you presume, as I quietly bear.

Meditate, introspect, I  ruminate on things,

Peace I beget, that only prayers can bring.


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Written by Aradhna Shukla


If Meetings Are Truth