Mentors in my life

Mother’s womb

So warm and secure

My breathing began here

Father held my little finger

Mentored me all the way

A divine figure

My Grandfather

My idol of worship

Nurtured values

Of Nobility and humility

That strengthen my spine

It all happened

During a meaningful story time

Friendship and compassion

Playtime laid the foundation

Thanks to Siblings and peer

School with loving teachers

Smiling Polymath

Blended reading and writing

With values so efficiently

I walked for miles

In my fulfilling journey of life

Ever so grateful

To all mentors

Enriching my life

–  Pradnya Surve 


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Written by Pradnya Surve

A child counsellor and teacher, enjoyed every moment of motherhood
My Masters degree in Child Development and Family Relations is a value addition to a basic affinity towards people

Reading and writing is passion inherited from my family who were voracious readers, lovers of art and theatre

I am fortunate to nurture my interests having a life partner with similar interests. My children too are taking forward the legacy

Proud to be associated with Artoonsinn which is family for me

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