Beautiful smiles

adorn the faces here.

Smiles that mask the

devious designs

in spiteful eyes.


Caustic tongues and

razor-sharp hands,

from behind the veil

of sweet words,

inflict deep gashes, 

send furrows of pain

down arched, bent spines

and tender hearts,

wounds, which are but

gaping blue mouths

rotting with the toxic hatred 

from humans of a different faith.


Maybe it’s time 

to peel away the layers,

to shed the masks

when faiths begin to ordain

abhorrence for others.


It’s time 

To unlearn the unholy diktat,

relearn compassion and love,

to heal the inner self.


What do you think?


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Written by Seema Taneja

Formerly a teacher of English language, she is now a full-time blogger, writer, and poet. A bi-lingual writer, she writes on social justice, gender issues, women and child rights, economics, and political affairs, in English and Hindi. She contributes to several platforms like Women's Web, Momspresso, The Anonymous Writer and her write-ups have also been published in The Times Of India. Her stories have been featured in several anthologies. She has won many awards for her writing, including the prestigious Orange Flower Award for Writing with Social Impact in Hindi.

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