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‘Thank you for your beady eyes,

That always make me smile.

Your infectious enthusiasm

Just like that of a child,

Lifts our spirits up

When the day seems bleak.

Your cooing, your gurgling

Is your attempt at trying to speak.

We rescued you two years ago,

From the claws of a crow.

In effect you rescued us

With your caring heart, you know.

‘Just a bird’, some folk sneer,

I would not fret or worry.

They know not the love of a feathered friend,

For them I feel truly sorry.’


Pic credit: Your Truly


This is our pet bulbul Mac. We tried to nurse him and leave him in the wild but he was hurt and took 8 months to begin flying. So now he is our family member.💚


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  1. Mac… what a lovely caring mommy you have.. who writes poems for the world to read about you..

    I am completely not a pet friendly person..
    But when I read such aweaoem things my mind diverts…

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Written by Natasha Sequeira

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