Is it a lullaby that the nature is singing?

Rejuvenating my senses

The tranquility is getting hold of my soul

The calm all around, even as birds chirp and butterflies dance

The peace doesnโ€™t set in here; itโ€™s always like this

Serene and indescribable

Putting me to slumber during broad daylight!


The feeling is overwhelming, and I want to grab it for, forever

Not ever let it go, and stop the night from coming

lest it shall take away with it, the radiant serenity

and bring unrest and some danger amidst the

silent, isolated atmosphere

I call my God and ask him to let the Day be here, forever

For what the Night gives, even the Day can!


Image Credit: Nitika Sawhney (Self)


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Written by Nitika Sawhney

I am an aspiring writer. I'm still discovering my strengths and learning the art of poetry and prose.

Professionally, I'm into Internal Communications and feel blessed to have a work life that is closely related to what I am passionate about, Writing :)

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