The radiant moon used to enchant me before,

But now it looks sombre and shrouded when compared to your face.

The zephyr used to flutter my inert heart,

But I seem more allured by your dancing tresses.

I used to rejoice the petrichor that accompanies rain,

But now I yearn for the perfumed roses adorned by you.

I hopelessly paint your sketch as constellations across the starlit sky.

During the days as I do my mundane chores

And in the night as I travel with you to a fantasy world,

I am enveloped with one sided conversations with your heart.

You are my only love,

My heart throbs for you,

Yet you fail to fathom my love,

And I am left, as a lovelorn soul making an impassioned plea for a place in your heart ,

Breath after breath after breath…..


Picture Credit : Rakicevic Nenard( Unsplash)


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