Love, Naturally.

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February 4, 1987.

We are all of seven,

Play all day, sing to high heavens.

Irritating person, you are always around.

You stick your tongue out when I slip, fall to the ground.


March  15, 1993.

At thirteen you see.

Geometry is a mystery to me.

I’ve forgotten to complete an assignment,

Tucked in my folder , I find one, imagine my excitement!


December 24, 1995.

Oh! This  is divine.

We share our first kiss, sublime.

I want more but you resist.

โ€˜Cannot you be happy with a deep, wet kiss?โ€™


February 10, 1997.

Higher studies, career even,

Take you away, leaving me broken.

Long distance relationships are not for me.

I need you here, constantly,  why cannot you see?


June 30, 2001.

Two torrid affairs, not one.

I donโ€™t seem happy, I come undone.

Something is amiss in my life.

Even though career-wise I am doing just fine.


August 23, 2003.

I spy you at a party.

Tall, handsome, yet like old times, lanky.

Our eyes meet, memories! A fleeting glance.

At worldly- wise 23, my heart did a flip-flop, a dance.


November 13, 2010.

We have grown so much since then.

You are my lover, my best friend.

Wish we hadnโ€™t lost so much time,

Been foolish. Now happy that you are mine.


February  12, 2021.

Our children are almost full grown.

Ready to face the world on their own.

Did you see our tween daughter take a fall?

And the teen boy from next door, laugh out loud!


Pic credit: Unsplash: Ryan Franco.


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Written by Natasha Sequeira

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