Love in the Land of Jhelum

a wilted rose tugged in the heart of my old notebook

the painted crunchy postcard torn along the rims 

unlocked the floodgates to lost, sweet memories;

nestled in the lap of the mighty Himalayas brewed the cosiest love story

you, a Kashmiri guide and i, an admirer of the hills

Nature played the cupid and gifted us the milky coated earth

bestowed the passionate Jhelum that spurted within us,

the healthy snowman, the evenings and sometimes the nights spent in houseboats,

on the pristine Dal lake, the strolls in the tulip fields,

scurrying over the maple strewn lawns,

a sip in the Kawah beside the frothy Jhelum,

you stealthily plucking from the neighbour’s garden the tulips,

hiding the tendril ring in its bosom, ah! innocent surprises 

the winter sun in its farewell song dyed the sky in scarlet hues,

night’s sublime beauty, Jasmine fished a glance from behind the misty veil,

perched atop the bare branch of the sturdy Chinar your shaking frozen fingers touched mine,

leaving a chill of excitement coursing in my vein

the tiny fleshy engine inside thudded as you neared, 

your warm breath rested its snowy fragrance on the nape of my neck

a volcano struggled to vent, the buildup magma in me finally erupted, we tasted the flavours of love on our lips 

Ah! the landscape blushed rosy red, the moon hid behind the haze, leaving us basking,

a tiny maple leaf tumbled from Heaven blessing us with an eternal togetherness,

in that ephemeral moment, I lived a lifetime, your warm embrace isn’t any whim but for real,

for the first time I lived life, traces of your saffron kiss still lingers in the corners of my lips;

suddenly, the chill breeze barged open the glass pane, letting the autumn breeze pinch me,

the rose that you gifted on our first anniversary drifts, but my rusty bones deny to grab them,

gliding heartily the withered petals finally rests on your sepulchre, relaxing on my chair, i celebrate the scene, 

time has come to bid adieu to the earthly treasures and merge with you my love, it’s been a long journey, alone;

the panes bang, shards of glass fall near my feet some piercing my stony frame,

a fluttering maple leaf wandering from that bare Chinar branch settles on your tomb, souls merge forever! Bliss…


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  1. Wow πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
    Kashmir always entices me, for its my birth-land. I loved the vivid descriptions you brought out, doing full justice to this paradise on earth.
    And the love was so passionate all through.

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