Love…An Uninvited Guest

My love of you from afar,

With the fear to let my feelings ajar,

In my dither, of its scruples and percipience,

Perchance, it’s a fallacy of judgement,

Oh love! You have moved in unsought!


You are the shelter to walk in the rain, it’s said;

But you are the storm that has disrupted my esse;

With incessant aches set off in the heart,

Eternal sleepless nights apart,

Oh love! Will we ever bide unscathed?


I am carrying this secret in my heart,

The torments well concealed so far,

My silence, elixir no more,

The unsaid destroying my core,

Oh love! What’s this woe for?


Ailing, circadian I roll in bouts of anxiety,

In this battlefield of agony and ecstasy,

The pell-mell inscrutably, mystifying

Gets me enthralled into frenzies of insanities,

Oh love! When will I be unshackled and free?


All this will be until, one day I reason,

That ‘Pride and Prejudice’ be damned,

Resolutely, I will forge ahead,

To be that uninvited guest,

Your welcome alone will confer peace to my heart.


Day 1 Challenge

(The above poem is based on the first novel that I read, as soon as I stepped into my teens, none other than one of the beautiful, all time classics, “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen)


What do you think?


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Written by Affinity And Moods

Affinity And Moods is really the pen name of a Chartered Accountant and a finance professional who has ever harboured an intense love for poetry and literary works.

Besides verses, the writer loves concocting short stories and fictions while addressing soul stirring truths.

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