Love….a madness

Meticulously seated on ‘normal’,

Soul immersed in sane work,

I rejoiced in my tranquil cocoon,

I celebrated my adequacy,

I mocked at the hysterics of 

My besotted friends and colleagues.

Their alien eyes inundated

With unearthly emotions

 And lips brimming 

With eulogies of love.

Until that pivotal moment,

When I felt the first flutter,

The first skipped heartbeat,

The first battle with sleepless night

‘You can’t blame gravity for falling in love’

Einstein’s words mocked.

‘Love’ the tiny intruder,

Had capsized my ‘normal’ world.

I stared on helplessly,

At this sudden invasion

Of pure madness.

And, surrendered rashly

To its every inclination.


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