Yes. . I Miss you even today

Sharing your life & your birthday

But happy that you are together 

Remembering your quarrels

And your love for each other.

Mummy..  the wild, angry & practical one

Papa…   the strong, silent & emotional one

A love which is a rare treasure

A love which withstood society’s pressure.

Never displayed  affections for the world

They showed love is not a noun but a verb

A Tamil Brahmin man

Going to a butcher 

To buy fish & meat

Just for his wife

A rare sight to picture.

How he forgoed lunch for a month

So he could buy her a purse 

Heard this umpteen times

Just to fulfill all her whims.

Towards her end

His love grew stronger

As she grew weaker

Taking care of her

Combing her hair, grooming her.

She told me .. you will survive 

You are strong

But he will not live

And like a movie.. she died in his arms.

I looked at him.. said think about me

I too have lost and need solace 

A vacant look in his eyes

Lost his charm, his life

 He was in another world

Which ended with his wife.

They thought only for each other

Till Death do us apart 

As they say …

So whenever a thunder 

Or a lightning on the way.

I laugh & think

My mother must be fighting 

With my Father even there…

They are not gone

Now ..My son ..the strong, silent & practical one.

My daughter .. the wild, firebrand & sensitive one.

The cycle is on 

From one umbilical cord 

To another

From one chapter to other…

picture credit : Nathan Dumlao from unsplash



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Written by Sonali.B


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