Lost, Damp Letters

I struggle to write,

what do I inscribe

so much to express

but I lost the alphabets

my letters are scattered everywhere,

just like the tears– on

the bed, the closet, the candelabrum

the flowers, the teapot, the doormat

washed in the kitchen

dangling in the balcony,


salty scents cloud the house

languid soul sauntering

in the once known place called Home,


I sit with the quill and the inkpot

the storm of words that brewed

in the heart, now

choke my throat

I can hardly ink my thoughts

tears roll down, effortlessly

but words, don’t–

the children in the distance

are playing hide and seek

somewhere I’m also playing

like them,



footsteps on the stairs, I rush

it’s the maid,

her bucket clanking on the handrails

the house is a mess

what will she clean?

it’s all dusty, soggy, filthy

Even I’m a mess,

but a beautiful transformed mess,

thoughtful I recline on the cane swing

I got it from Greece, long back;

the sun is crawling along the horizon

and in that goodbye time

it’s spicing up the blue in

passionate red-chilli dust;


words are still away from me

the empty pages sway in the breeze

the quill rolls and plops on the floor

the curtains enjoy the

flirty tickles, the wind chime

clinking that same old tune

it stings,

we both loved that symphony

but today I sit alone and enjoy

its bliss,

Dusk descends, stars arrive giggling

flocks return to their abode

fireflies ready to parade in the

distant woods,

grey drops blur my vision

but I wait,

though long

yet I wait

for a new dawn! πŸ’š

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Written by Sonali Ray

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