Lockdown story

It’s a tale of a mum who is in lockdown with her ‘Lakhtejigars’
Morning haste and breakfast rush.

It’s so hard to wake them and make them brush.
‘What’s for breakfast’ is their favourite quote.

‘I hope it’s yummy’ is the requirement foremost.
Answer could make them smile or frown.

Whatever comes mum needs to fix her own crown.
Jaise Taise the day starts
Online classes  begin

Teachers struggles to teach the muggles

Classroom chuckles and humour full house is replaced by computer and mouse.
“Oh!! How we miss not being with our friends ”, they complain.

I roll my eyes and sigh in disdain.
For they are not the only one missing

I spend most of my time cursing  and hissing.
Screen  time policing is a thing of past.

Staying Sane is what matters in the last.
Korean language is what I need to acquaint 

“Watching with subtitles  is just fine”, is what they state.

You don’t need to know the language to view. 

These are facts I never knew. 
‘Brooklyn 99’ cops have taken over my living room

Hello!! This is just about noon  
Post lunch preaching I mean teaching begins.

I try to pull my reins 
Day seems long when there is nothing to look forward to in the evening. 

Is this the dawns of new beginning.
They being with me at home is such a blessing.

I can handle the situation with little bickering and pressing.
Daddy’s job is easy, for he is there to spoil.

Mums need  to be a bad cop and are often caught up in turmoil.
We will sail through these COVID  times

Hang on, all dear mommies with your sunshines.
For time flies, they will be gone their way. 

We will be empty nesters looking at the memories we made.
Seeing at the transition I wonder

From retina spl to baker is something to ponder.
Being professional I made my story 

Now it’s time to bask in motherhood glory.
In lockdown with teenager

Everyday is a game changer 


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  1. 🤪
    Korean language😃 hilarious take dear! Loved it. But the last few lines hit the most. Empty nesters, so true huh! In a blink, they’ll just grow up. They won’t need us in the literal sense. Thanks for writing this!💚💚

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Written by Shveta Grover

Explorer by nature. I am a passionate writer.
My domain right now is restricted to writing rhyming poems.
would like to improvise in due course of time.