Little Women




#Favourite Book

Somewhere in the faraway land

Beyond the mighty cliffs and golden sands,

Lived two girls who dreamed of a gleeful life

Oblivious of the approaching threats and countless strife.


With their gentle words and heartwarming laughter

They were their father’s adorable daughters,

In the dreamland, life felt like a colourful bouquet  

Fluttering, bubbling they spent their days.


But then the storm made its landfall

Withered the flourishing blooms, hushed their brawls

Ripped them off their cloak of respect, crumbled their innocence

Tutored them the precious fact, Life isn’t a Bed of Roses.


Soldering their slivers, composing their dismantled fragments

They embarked on a tumultuous trek securing yore’s gapful moments

Wildflowers now earned polish with every passing hurricane  

Like a diamond, they glisten, they’re their father’s Little Women.

*poem uses the name of one of my favourite books, Little Women* 

Pic Courtesy: pixabay


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Written by Sonali Ray

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