Light, So Divine!

Silver linings adorn endless waves,

morning dews reflect your merry rays


Light dust on groves so dense,

capricious winds your radiance caress


The cuckoo serenades your halcyon glow,

‘tis divine nectar, the weary leaf knows


Clouds carry tales of your dazzling victories,

mellow rainbows speak your artistry


Your luster a thousand corners shine,

Oh Mystic, O Healer,

Let me bathe in your splendor, so Divine!


What do you think?


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Leave a Reply


Written by Soma Bhattacharya

A student of literature, with a decade-long stint in media - I later moved to the dynamic landscape of social and mental health rehabilitation, to fulfil a calling as it were.
Music and poetry are my passions; and very much like my work with people & behaviors – they offer me deep insights into the human experience…of man’s eternal quest to seek, know, and  evolve.