Lies, tantalize me!

He,my husband 

Never expresses umpteen 

His quiet impassive demeanor is my pet peeve 

That day, he bought his favorite car

His dream on wheels!

He took me for a maiden ride

And held my hand in the smooth drive

I was flabbergasted but enjoyed the cajoling 

His touch on me, felt velvety and lavish

That ride was a special escort 

The first drive, my first ride!

Days later, he asked me again 

β€œ please Come for a ride, honey”

I asked, Why?

And he replied casually, β€œbecause I want to hold your hand”


But his lies tantalize me, trickling down my sweet spot!


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  1. Awesome lie…even I would wish to have the second chance and then third….but it should lead somewhere not the liar lie….at first I thought it would be goody goody one put them came liar. enjoyed reading.

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Written by Daisy Bala

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