To the one whom I own everything …..

To the endless twists and pains….

To the one who is left behind….

To the one I thought long forgotten….

To the one I blame for all my heart ache….

To the one I give credit for all my magical moments….

To the one who simply says nothing….

To the one whom I am just unable to claim….

To the one whom I will always find ways to forgive and feel disdain….

To the one whom I simply can’t leave alone….

To the one I can’t walk up to tell you are mine….

To the one who challenges my sanity….

To the one who always questions my presence….

To the one who once said I mean nothing to him ….

To the one I would rather die then to vanish from my brain….

To the one who is beyond my reach….

Alas!!! This feeling is just mine …..

The hold on continue further and beyond ….

I do regret that I can’t let go of the time that’s past ….

But I do not intend for a reunion…

Is the one who still lies within….

Antara Bose


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  1. Sometimes it’s tough and now it’s tougher. It’s also simple just like a railway track. Both tracks are joined by a wooden or iron plank. Beautiful part is they start and end the journey together and don’t ever join but still stay comnected !!!!

  2. It’s fortunate enough to experience love of a life time…
    To savour the moments of togetherness as for bitter or sweet does not really count ….
    A feeling that only soulmate’s can experience…
    Thank you

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Written by Antara

As long as I live, my hope should never die....


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