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Let Me Sleep.




It’s been a year now,

That the Pandemic had begun.

I know, I know,

100 years ago, as well, there had been one.


But in this fast paced era of ours,

Where we move around like *dodge-em cars.

I’d like to hit the pause button,

Can’t you hear me weep?

Can my family quieten down,

And just let me sleep!


Online schooling is taking it’s toll.

Dear teachers, you are pure gold.

Husband is on a break,

He is at home all day,

When will the kids disappear ?

Leave the nest, fly away.


Okay now I will end this rant.

I hope the Higher Powers grant me what I want.

A nice warm blanket and to my bed I must be glued.

And One Hundred Years Of Solitude.


*Dodge-em cars: At amusement parks, there are miniature cars thar people ride and have fun going around in a rink, trying to bang into the next car, in the mean-time looking really awkward and not following a path.

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  1. I live for the periods of time when the husband and the son are out together, and I get to be alone at home. I don’t really get to sleep, but how I love that silence. I love them to the moon but a girl needs her alone time. What you wrote really connected with me. πŸ₯°

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