Lesson of my life…

Lady love I’m not thinking of you

For I have known you are no more

I’m convinced that your lie has ended

I’m done with all your alluring tricks

Meant to just draw my juice.

New horizon is waiting

New beginning is calling

Time to depart

Time to restart

Life moves on

Even when you stumble.

But I stop a moment

And thank you that you dumped me

So that I cherish my value even more

For I’m not a toy in your hand

But a complacent being worthy to achieve.

So I take your good lessons

And pick up my flag

Ready to fathom territories

Meant to be mine all the while

But I ignored in your love.

Though late, though stuck

I hold on my staff

Stand back on my unsteady feet

With a determination to meet the horizon

Even though it looks impossible.

Love is a beautiful feel

Blessed are you if you find one

For it has power to transform you

Into a being you really are

But to find one such being is near impossible.

Note: Inspired by poem all seasons by Anuradha S.

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Written by Varsha

Hooked by Fate