I’m a Leo woman, so says my zodiac.

I’m fiery, stubborn and a hard nut to crack.

I’m also loyal and sensitive and yearn for the spotlight.

I’m also pretty lazy and impatient.


Features are many, implications abound,

I oscillate between this and that,

But what happens when the lion is made to perform

Antics in a circus under a man, losing his pride?


The same has been with me.

Staggering under the conditioning,

I’ve been a puppet with strings in different hands,

Feigning to be bubbly with reality diverse.


Despite ups and downs, winter and spring,

I choose to be calm and quiet.

Exhausted of false applause and fake concern,

I prefer to be deaf and blind too.


Yet, my heart yearns for the wilderness of the jungle,

Having no borders, roaming free and happy,

In my own land, with my own people,

Where I’m heartily welcome with genuine love.


What do you think?


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Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer


Laugh A Little