Leave Me Alone

“Leave me alone” I implored

Pleading clemency, I couldn’t afford

Jaded and dejected I yearned for peace

All this abhorrence must immediately cease.


Months bled into melancholic years

None noticed my silent tears

The scars are my confidante now

They seem to comprehend my pains, somehow.


Torn ‘n tattered

Beaten ‘n battered

As soul leaves the body torn ‘n bruised

The mind abandons the body it has used.


Travelling through the stars,

Bestowed me peace, sans any bars

Now that I’m a celestial wonder

Craving for eternal tranquility is no more a blunder.


My bruises and my scars are now healed

Though feelings and emotions are concealed

My eternal soul is free and at peace

Being on the other side is such a bliss!


Picture: Unsplash
Vasily Koloda


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Written by Debashree B


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