Laugh A Little

Laugh a little to open your heart

Amusing emotion ,pleasant and gratis

Uncontrolled ,whole hearted ,gleeful

Giggles and grins, grounds you will get many

Humorous gags,”Mom,I did not sleep tonight”

Loosen up a little with acquaintances 

Loads with family and friends on petty puns

In stitches,”I find only noses and no money in my business “.

Teeming at a toddler’s fun”My Birth date is when I celebrate my Birthday.”

Transitions bringing positive belly up

Laughter can bridge the differences in plenty

Enjoy to make life easy.

Note -This is an Acrostic poem.An acrostic poem is a poem where certain letters in each line spell out a word or phrase. Typically, the first letters of each line are used to spell the message, but they can appear anywhere. These examples will help you see how you can use this form in different ways.

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Written by Ketki


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