The road’s a grey ribbon 

Tossed through 

 Verdant fields,

A psychedelic experience,

My soul seeks a release.

Away from din 

I celebrate

rambling through 


Muddy-brown fields.

Oh, for rustic dusks 

 That are dreamy indeed!

Swinging lights

On a liquid amber

Turf with

Titian tongues

of honeyed-flames

Flickering like fireflies

In a masonic jar.

To revel on a starlit

Smoky evening’s 

Passing peace.

To harken to

The shepherd’s homeward song

Or the tiller and

Grazier’s scraping footfall.

Oh, what leisure

to trail the oxen

on their home bound toll;

And  gaze unhurriedly

At  bleating sheep.

Deeply, do I yearn  for

A lantern-twinkling field.

Give me a lantern-lit night

And a peck of liberty.

I’m sure, I’ll set free

A spark  of caged light,

Uncage its spirit, literally

Then, let its

Tangerine tongue

leap, and soar towards

The constellations

Orion and Saptarishi.

Mumtaz N K


Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock


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