Laments of an erratic soul!

the night descends again

drawing in lost luminous moments,

I stroll in the balcony of

yesterday’s memories

a grit pricks the sole,

I whine, the numbness

stealthily crawls up, to the heart.


the wrecked scene disheartening

delightful laughs, gleeful faces

comforting embrace

buried in the stillness of the present

the turmoil gushing

up and down the veins

fragments bleed song of yore.


how gorgeous they twinkle high up

I admire, but soon they’ll break off

travelling at light speed will fade

into nothingness fulfilling

the dreams of

countless anxious eyes,

shooting stars or wishful fireballs.


the lilting breeze feels soothing

excites the fruitless heart

the ache still lingers somewhere

but the rains have ceased,

arid, they stare at the ebullient night

languid soul waiting for the last call

Silence echoing inside the scrawny cage!

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Written by Sonali Ray

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