Lady Love in abyss

Her eyes are shiny stars; 

Her delicate fins, azure!

The skin in milky foam

And silver hair, allure!


She wears a tiara 

of white cowry shells;

Her bright scales shimmer 

like sequin studded frills!


The angelic aura

arrests his conscience, 

He kisses her lips

She disappears like incense!


The empress of the ocean

Bestows a curse on her,

Invisible she goes

To the handsome, human lover! 


He sails for aeons

searches the sea and shore;

Her love laden voice

Doesn’t reach him anymore.


She rushes as the waves

To wet his wandered feet,

Gets dissolved in the sand

As the sea waters retreat!


She gathers the moon’s rays 

on the cold sea surface 

And makes dainty pearls 

off  their luminescence!


She plants baby lightnings 

in every water drop,

Then grows into a storm

And rains on him from top!


She drains down the streams

And flows into the sea

To become the rain again

And fall willingly!


No mortal creature

Never gets to see,

A lady love in abyss 

Like the mermaid of the sea! 


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Written by artoonmithru


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