Lacklustre hues

My heart yearns for sunny skies, amber joy ‘n golden glee

To scoop fistfuls of tangerine laughter ‘n lower it all over me

The longing but gets drowned in a indigo sea of woe ‘n misery

Why does the crimson craving ‘n purple plum passion seem so far away?

Why do the roseate memories crumble at my touch day after day?

I await the verdurous green to seep from the lush meadows into my skin

Why does it get tinted with grey, the colour of the corner I’ve painted myself in

The purple pink peonies, lilac lilies ‘n lavenders bloom all around

The world carries on, as I plummet down in a blackhole sans a sound

I gulp morsels of grey gloom ‘n wash it down with a glassful of my blues

It oozes into my belly ‘n bones, slices ‘n scalds my soul into ashen hues

Churned into a vast vicious tornado

I wilt ‘n wither into the obsidian oblivion

In a world obsessed with vibrant rainbows ,

my insipid hues never stand to reason


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Written by Supriya

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