Kuiper's clan

Look for me among the rocks

That float way beyond your light,

Through a zillion, billion epochs,

Faceless, nameless, in the nights.


In awe, I watch the glorious rise

Of giants, with their many moons

Serenade to endless reprise

Of timeless celestial tunes.


Unseen, unheard, with my bretheren

We watch and wait for our chance

In those dank, dark heavens,

To be pulled into that cosmic dance.


Till a sudden divine force,

I fancy, shall call for me.

Ignited, I shall forge my course

And zoom away in ecstasy.




KUIPER BELT: Circumstellar disc made of dwarf planets, asteroids and rocks, present in the outer Solar System, extending beyond  the orbit of Neptune, where comets were believed to originate.

Pic credit: Daniil Silantev (Unsplash)


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Written by Sai

When thoughts began to rhyme,
And lines found a heartbeat,
I transformed from a dentist to a poet.

Keep the faith

Kiss. Thats all!