Some words are kooky, generating a sense of warmth,

Yet, deep within them, you can sense the razor-sharpness.

Weapons of betrayal, my timid brain deciphers,

Coiffuring the attacker’s hatred in colourful temptations.


Love and promise strike me the most.

Everybody can love and everybody can promise.

However, perhaps, the most exploited of the lot,

Leaving their impact forever etched in the minds and souls.


Appearing simple and humble, they do the worst,

Puncturing the confidence and hope of the receiver.

I wonder why the attacked listen to them and stay quiet,

And, then I realise, the eerie conditioning and hidden norms.


Hush! Better not utter a word, as I choose to do.

Everyone’s dealing with some damage,

Let’s refrain from further worsening his state.

For that should be humanity, compassionate and sensitive.


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  1. This is my philosophy too… endure and forgive… the sugar-coated words with ulterior motives, I too have faced too many. Important lesson I have been trying to learn is to not let the interactions embitter my soul.
    Beautiful poem💚💚💚

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Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer


Keep the faith