If only I could describe kindness

I’d render it in detail, describing

Nature’s sounds of harmony.


Admire snowy clouds that sweep over

Tall mountains in humility.


Hear the melody of the wind,

Rustling through the canopy of trees,

Touching each nook and cranny gently.


Auscultate the forest floor’s murmurs

As it breathes life into golden

Coloured leaves dance merrily

To its autumnal choir.


Harken to the birds chirping in revelry.

Give heed to the musical stream

 Burbling over branches.


 Eavesdrop the spring’s lively chatter

While it ripples and cascades over boulders,

 And hillocks gushing into the estuary.


Lend a ear to the brook’s gentle babble

 over pebbles,

And glance at  twigs circling in eddies.


Hearken to the  loch’s  serene whisper to the  Boatswain lost in the fragrance of morning mist solitary.


Observe the mellifluous river, lapping the sides of vessels

 Telling tales of travellers crossing shores busy.


Listen to the jewel- blue waves crash over crags,

and then recede.


 Notice how the rains soothing rhythm

Bathes parched land, releasing pertrichor,

The earthy odour that helps us forget our worries.


© Mumtaz N Khorakiwala


Picture courtesy: Peter Jan


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