Kindness #Envelope Quintet

Your kind words are the rays of light

That evaporate the drops of my misunderstanding

Calms my little heart

The warmth in the soul is shining

I clasp your kindness in the grip of my soul so tight


It imprints in the memory of my fond

As your kind words plunge deep into my soul

Rejuvenates me to a blooming rose

Draws a colourful unerasable art in my heart the whole

That shines and forms your and mine a beautiful strong-bond

Pooja Mandla


*Envelope Quintet is a poem with five lines. It can follow any meter or length. The rhyme scheme for this is usually ABBBA or ABCBA.

I have written it in two sets using rhyme scheme ABCBA


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Written by Pooja Mandla

An educator by profession but a word weaver by passion. She likes to enjoy little things in life, not waiting for the bigger ones to come her way.Β  She had done her graduation in the medical stream but often was lost in the literal beauty of words. So after graduation, she studied literature and did her MPhil in English. She believes that the secret ingredient for spreading happiness is writing. So, whenever her energetic kids permit, she expresses her thoughts in words. Writing keeps her going and has given a new shape to her life.


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