Rolling Iron wheels screeches

heard through the screams

blissful students exhilarated

a journey to Goa much awaited


a gentle wind cradles

playful lot dozes

a guilty soul mourns

recall the cruel words thrown


she came closer

he felt like a sinner

she’s an angel without wings

could free him from the sins


yes! love forgives

love always wins

she sat beside him slowly

but it hurts him newly


rest her head on his shoulder

he felt inside something heavier

sky broken down

tears rolling down


he went to the flapping door

doleful wail muffled by the thunder roar

wistful tears washed off by the drizzle

‘good riddance’ a friend consoles


friend adds, “girl hops but boy crawls”

he said, “nothing makes sense,

she was there with me,

now she’s with him”


he realized from the guilt

“body’s sore by fire heals naturally

but the soul’s scar by words burns eternally ”

his life lesson learnt.


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Written by Balakarthi N

Time hardened me to the core and made me numb..just I want to search my younger self..


The Defiant Cradle